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5 Ugly Truth's Behind Drugstore Dry Shampoo

  Dry Shampoo is an amazing little product that hides our hairs dirty little secrets but it has a few of its own. Particularly commonly loved drugstore brands. Here are 5 ugly truths behind drugstore dry shampoos that you may not have known. The Aerosol in dry shampoos tends to leave a residue that at times can feel sticky. This can cause the product to build up and can make you shed more hair then you should. Which could lead to thinning hair. Dry shampoos dispensed by a chemical reaction between aerosol volatile compounds are unsafe products. They contain synthetic ingredients that are left on the scalp for days and even weeks, causing pollution and eventual damage to the scalp...

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10 Reasons You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Every Day!

Beautiful flowing hair that's shiny, bouncy and clean. Sounds like every shampoo add you’ve seen right? And while a good shampoo can do all that for our hair if you're using it more then twice a week you're actually doing more damage then good. When we look at bygone times of washing our hair we can see some big differences. A hundred years ago, washing was typically a weekly experience. By the 1960s many women didn’t do their hair themselves but had it done at the salon which is something I could totally get on board with! Only in recent years was washing every day thought to be the thing to do. Here are 10 reasons you shouldn't wash your...

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Refillable Products For The Win!

Did you know, regular plastics don’t biodegrade or decompose for centuries! They're decimating our oceans, overwhelming our landfills, and seeping into our food resources and waterways. Most plastics don't biodegrade at all! Instead, most petroleum-based plastics take up to a thousand years to break down. Even then, they don't provide useful nutrients that can feed a new generation of organic material. They just turn into smaller pieces of plastic, which end up in our food (like your favorite sushi dishes!). We create waste every day. A good chunk of that waste comes from cosmetic and personal care packaging. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to be responsible citizens, only 12% of plastic is recycled. So what happens to the discarded packaging? Well,...

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