Product Spotlight: The Everybody Oil

Product Spotlight: The Everybody Oil

Everyone hates dry, cracked, and itchy skin. There’s nothing quite like silky smooth skin. The real challenge is how to get it! What about you? Are you a body oil lover or a die-hard lotion fan?

Today I want to talk about a favorite of mine, our Everybody Oil! 

Obviously, I’m a true convert body oil lover from my lotion loving days. While there are many beautiful oils out there, I have to say our Everybody Oil is one of my favorites. “Why,” you ask? Our Everybody Oil isn’t greasy! 

One of the biggest complaints I hear about body oil (a complaint I once shared) is that body oil is too greasy. I tried popular brands of oil only to find that it never felt liked it soaked in. I didn’t like feeling like an oil spill, but then I found a dry oil. I used it daily right after showering and it was mind blowing. My skin was glowing and no longer dry or cracked. A true skincare game changer!

Unfortunately, when I started to take a deeper look into the oil’s ingredients I found oils that were low quality and synthetic fragrances. Yuck! So we set out to make something better with high quality oils and no harmful ingredients.

After a few rounds of formulation, we landed on these organic oils:

  • Rosehip
  • Argan
  • Hemp
  • Avocado 
  • Grapeseed 
  • Jojoba
  • Sesame 
  • Sweet Almond 
  • Castor

These are all skin nourishing oils that promote elasticity and aid in hydrating and moisturizing your body, leaving you glowing and velvety smooth without that greasy feeling. For now, we choose to leave out any added scents to let the natural scents of the oils shine but we are always working on some yummy naturally scented options for a future release.  

This oil has seen me through two pregnancies aiding in reducing stretch marks and helping my body to heal small ones naturally. I use it for melting away makeup, as a shaving oil, and even for my feet.

It really is an oil for every body. It's gentle enough for newborn skin and effective enough for your skin.

Give it a shot today. We stand behind all of our products with a no questions asked return policy.