5 Ugly Truths Behind Drugstore Dry Shampoo

5 Ugly Truths Behind Drugstore Dry Shampoo


Dry Shampoo is an amazing little product that hides our hair's dirty little secrets, but it has a few of its own. Particularly troublesome are the commonly loved drugstore brands. Here are 5 ugly truths behind drugstore dry shampoos that you may not have known.


1. A Sticky Mess

The Aerosol in dry shampoos tends to leave a residue that at times can feel sticky. This can cause the product to build up and can make you shed more hair than you should. Which could lead to thinning hair.

2. Volatile Compounds

Dry shampoos dispensed by a chemical reaction between aerosol volatile compounds are unsafe products. They contain synthetic ingredients that are left on the scalp for days and even weeks, causing pollution and eventual damage to the scalp mantel.

3. Clogged Pores

The aluminum starch used in many dry shampoos is great for absorbing oils, but it sits on your scalp and can clog your pores.

4. Harsh Dryness

Drugstore dry shampoo sprays contain alcohol, which dries out your hair shaft.

5. Bad To Breathe

Aerosols like propane and butane can make the air around you difficult to breathe. These aerosolized particles can irritate the delicate lining in your lungs. Some of the side effects of breathing in these propelled ingredients are headaches and even nausea.


So what should you use instead? We’ve got you covered, girl! Our organic spray dry shampoo gives you the convenience of an aerosol spray without any of the negatives. Just simple ingredients that work.