10 Reasons You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Every Day!

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Every Day!
Beautiful flowing hair that's shiny, bouncy and clean. Sounds like every shampoo add you’ve seen right? And while a good shampoo can do all that for our hair if you're using it more than twice a week you're actually doing more damage than good.
When we look at bygone times of washing our hair we can see some big differences. A hundred years ago, washing was typically a weekly experience. By the 1960s many women didn’t do their hair themselves but had it done at the salon which is something I could totally get on board with! Only in recent years was washing every day thought to be the thing to do.
Here are 10 reasons you shouldn't wash your hair every day…

1. It Strips your Hair of Its Natural Oils

While we don't want to much oil in our hair we do need some natural oil to maintain the health of our hair. Over-washing strips the hair of its natural oils making it drier and more likely to break.  

2. It Fades Your Color Faster

With every wash, your color starts to fade or get brassy. The less you wash your hair the longer you will preserve your color, which in turn saves you money!

3. It Causes More Split Ends

When you're washing your hair every day you don't allow enough time for your hair to replenish its natural oils. This makes your hair dry and brittle leading to those split ends everyone hates.

4. More Heat Styling

We all know heat styling is hash on our hair. So the less we wash our hair the less we need to restyle it using our favorite heat tools.

5. It’s Expensive

We all want to save money right! The less you shampoo and condition the less you need to replenish, your hair and your wallet will thank you!

6. Dirty Hair is easier to style.

Ever notice how your top knots look better a few days after you wash your hair, that's because your hair has some grip to it now. People pay good money on style products to create that “dirty” hair grip.

7. It Causes Product to Buildup

While we may be washing our hair to prevent the build-up of products, the opposite can happen due to the overuse of washing and styling products we use. 

8. It Takes Time

Imagine not having to worry about pressing that snooze button just one more time if you didn't have to worry about having enough time to blow dry and style your hair for the day!

9. You’ll Have Less Grease

Overwashing your hair can make your scalp your drier so your hair produces more oil to make up for it. While it can take a transition period your hair will become less oily over time. 

10. It Dries Out Your Scalp

With hot water and over washing it tends to make your scalp dry, which in turn can cause dandruff and no one wants that.
Now we could go on and on about why you shouldn't wash your hair every day but what should you do in between?  Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!! Use an organic Dry Shampoo with simple ingredients to help stretch the time between washes. The goal is to wash your hair once to twice a week for healthy beautiful hair.