Our Story




hi! we're ashleigh & brenden.

We're a brother and sister team founded in 2018. After years of illness and a diagnosis of Endometriosis I turned to natural medicine and an organic life style. 

As I slowly started getting better I dived into the green beauty world. I found a lack of affordable products & a dry shampoo that preformed like my old favorites. 

This is when I decided to team up with my brother to fill in the gap with quality organic products.

Our Philosophy


we believe that a lot of little choices make a difference

Every little choice that we make, makes a difference. But its not always easy to make a better choice when our options are limited and to expensive. That's why we wanted to make it easier to make the better choice. 

We only use organic, non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Ingredients you can recognize and what work and have a purpose.  We do our best to make as many of our products refillable and use as little plastic as possible, all our packaging is recyclable.