Our Story


My sister (Kait) and I attended the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles. Seeing so many wonderful natural/organic companies alongside conventional beauty companies were wonderful. Hair, makeup, and skin care all in one place, but none of the companies offered the one thing I had been looking to replace: an easy to use dry shampoo.

The companies attending only had harmful aerosol dry shampoo or natural/organic dry shampoo in an annoying shaker bottle that I had to match with my hair color. Both categories were still on the pricey side.


On the drive back to Las Vegas, my sister and I talked about how great the Expo was, but how disappointed we were that we couldn't find an easy to use natural/organic dry shampoo. We couldn't help but wonder "why hasn't anyone done this yet?"

Figuring I couldn't be the only one searching, I decided it was time I came up with a solution. My first thought was to make a spray on dry shampoo because it would be so much easier and cleaner than a shaker bottle.

Once I got home, I got in touch with a chemist to start brainstorming alternatives to the standard, toxic Butane propellant. We tried all sorts of options, but, unfortunately, the ingredients wouldn't mix without the nozzle clogging. Months in and we needed a new approach.


Around this time I started venting to my brother about my idea and the challenges so far. I just didn't want to give up and he really believed in me. Right then and there we became partners. With his help, I moved full steam ahead with a renewed mission and excitement.



After months of more trial & error, we perfected our formula and a delivery system that would spray without any harmful propellant. We now had a product we were proud to call our own and to share with others.


With something more than an idea, we started to share our product with friends, family, and respected Green Beauty influencers. We started to receive amazing feedback and we were thrilled! Strangers started asking when they could get their hands on it.

We had already been in talks with raw material vendors and bottle manufacturers in various countries that would allow us to scale up and sell to our growing audience. We hit a number of road bumps along the way, but we were able to polish our design and concept further.


After a few more months of prep and polish, we've launched our website and started our marketing engine at full speed.

We're excited to see where this adventure takes us. We know it will be to a place that's better for your Body, your Wallet, and the World!