Fab Hair. Fewer Washes.

Our debut product is a Dry Shampoo that's better for your body, your wallet, and the world.


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Stay Fresh Longer

When you're on the run, staying fresh and feeling great can be a real challenge. Dry shampoo gives you instant volume and absorbs excess oils!

Q: With so many options, which product is right for you?

Protect Your Body

What we put on our body is important. Avoiding harmful chemicals that our body wasn't intended to deal with isn't always easy. Big companies often use cheap and risky ingredients to increase their profits.

Q: Should we have to choose between our health and beauty?

Spare Your Wallet

Organic has become a label thrown around a lot in the retail world. It almost always means a higher price.

Q: Is it possible to make healthy products affordable?

Improve Your World

The choices we make every day can add up when we look at the big picture. Waste is a big problem. Join us in being part of the solution.

Q: What is the solution?