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Refillable Products for the Win!

refillable products for the win!

Did you know, regular plastics don’t biodegrade or decompose for centuries! They're decimating our oceans, overwhelming our landfills, and seeping into our food resources and waterways. Most plastics don't biodegrade at all! Instead, most petroleum-based plastics take up to a thousand years to break down. Even then, they don't provide useful nutrients that can feed a new generation of organic material. They just turns into smaller pieces of plastic, which end up in our food (like your favorite sushi dishes!).

We create waste every day. A good chunk of that waste comes from cosmetic and personal care packaging. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to be responsible citizens, only 12% of plastic is recycled. So what happens to the discarded packaging? Well, more than 36 million tons of packaging waste ends up in landfills. 19 million pounds of plastic making its way into our waterways each year (and that figure is expected to double by 2025).

These are some pretty overwhelming statistics, but small changes can make a difference. For example, don't toss a perfectly good bottle of our Dry Shampoo.

Here's How...

Part of our mission to make organic alternatives to conventional products is to reduce waste. How? With refillable products, like our Dry Shampoo. The biodegradable refill kit comes in Coconut Vanilla scent and Unscented.

BONUS: you save money by buying refill kits over buying a new bottle!